Roasted Red Pepper Potato Bowl

Article written and reviewed by Jenny Gormley, BS
Published May 14, 2021

Sweet potatoes and bell peppers make for the perfect sweet and savory breakfast flavor combination, or can also serve as a hearty lunch option.
This sweet potato and bell pepper breakfast bowl is delicious and easy to meal prep in advance to make weekday breakfasts less of a hassle.

Cut Sizes and Cooking Times

When roasting a collection of vegetables together, it’s important to cut the vegetables of equal sizes so that they cook evenly in the same amount of time.
For this recipe, the onion, bell pepper, and sweet potato should all be cut into the same size. The smaller the size you choose to cut the vegetables, the less the cooking time will be for this dish.
We recommend cutting these vegetables into small cubes so that they maintain some hydration. If you cut the vegetables too small, too much water will evaporate out and the vegetables will become soggy instead of crisp.

Sweet Potatoes for Breakfast

Sweet potatoes are a fantastic addition to try adding into your daily breakfast routine. They are calorie-dense, sweet, and savory, and there are tons of different varieties to pick from, depending on where you live!
For this recipe, we tested with standard orange sweet potatoes. We recommend also trying jersey, purple, or Japanese sweet potatoes. You can also use any type of yams, such as a garnet or jewel yam.

Yams vs. Sweet Potatoes

The difference between a sweet potato and a yam is that yams have dry starchy flesh and bark-like skins, while sweet potatoes are more hydrated, have smoother skin, and a more sweet flavor.
The flavor profile of each type of potato is different. We invite you to experiment and get to know the varieties offered locally in your area.
To mix up variety in your weekly meals, you can make this recipe, with different types of potatoes. You can make one pan or half a pan with one variety and make the other with another variety.
You can use a non-sweet potato in this recipe, but make note that the cooking time will shift to be longer than if you’re making this recipe with sweet potatoes.

Photos by: @plantbasedmiri
Recipe by: Jenny Gormley

Roasted Red Pepper Potato Bowl

Sweet potatoes and bell peppers make for the perfect sweet and savory breakfast flavor combination.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 45 minutes
Total Time 55 minutes
Servings 2
Calories 418 kcal



  • 3 cup Sweet Potato
  • 1 cup Red Bell Pepper
  • 1 cup White Onion
  • 6 cup Mixed Greens
  • 2 tsp Cinnamon
  • 2 tbsp Hemp Seeds
  • 2 tbsp Raisins



  • Preheat the oven to 450°F.
  • Wash and chop the sweet potato, red bell pepper, and white onion into small even pieces. Roast in the oven for 45 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, place the greens in a large bowl.
  • When the sweet potatoes are soft, the vegetables are done roasting. Place them over the bed of greens.
  • Sprinkle cinnamon, hemp seeds, and raisins on top of your bowl, and enjoy!


  • Refrigerate leftovers in an air-tight container for up to 5 days.


Calories: 418kcalCarbohydrates: 83gProtein: 13gFat: 6gSodium: 154mg
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