Diabetes Recipes: Low-Fat, Plant-Based, Whole-Food Nutrition

Recipes to Reverse Insulin Resistance

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Kale Potato Salad

A satisfying, high-protein dinner salad with bold flavors. Bursting with vibrant colors and wholesome ingredients, this salad is a celebration of fresh flavors and nutritious goodness. Tender red potatoes, hearty

Curried Oats with Green Beans

This savory dish is a delight for breakfast or lunch. This unique dish is not only a nod to vibrant, plant-based eating but also a flavorful journey that intertwines the

Apple Pear Slaw

Take the traditional slaw and add apples and pears. This recipe skillfully combines the tangy zest of apple cider vinegar with the natural sweetness of maple syrup, resulting in a

Peanut Butter & Strawberry Smoothie

Using peanut butter powder gives you all the flavor of peanut butter but without the fat. Adding greens boosts the protein in this drink. Bursting with the natural sweetness of

Potato Dill Salad

Making this simple and filling potato salad is an easy way to use up any leftover baked potatoes—it’s a different take on potato salad with various vegetables. This delightful salad

Stuffed Delicata Squash

Delicata squash, with its long and narrow shape and a hole in the center, is perfect to fill with ingredients. Its skin is edible and adds a deliciously earthy flavor

Spicy Tomato Soup with Sweet Potato Toast

This spicy soup will keep you warm during the winter months. Combine the soup with sweet potato toast. This dynamic duo of flavors and textures promises to tantalize your palate

Sweet Potato Dip and Veggies

This dip can be used as an appetizer, meal or snack. Great for when you have company over. Using a wide variety of vegetables for dipping will fill you and

Roasted Root Vegetables Plus

This easy-to-roast recipe combines a variety of vegetables with a mustard honey sauce. This hearty and wholesome dish brings together an array of seasonal vegetables, perfectly roasted to caramelized perfection.

Pumpkin Spinach Smoothie

This creamy smoothie is like a taste of autumn but is available any time of the year! This vibrant smoothie combines pumpkin puree's earthy richness with spinach's vibrant green goodness,

Brussel Sprout Soup

Dijon mustard spices up with green soup. Vitamin A, C and K are abundant in the delicious soup.​ Introducing a hearty and nutritious dish perfect for refueling after an intense

Wild Rice Quinoa Salad

This easy-to-make salad is put together in minutes for a quick lunch or dinner. This vibrant and nutritious dish features a harmonious ingredients blend that promises flavor and health benefits.

Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Oats

Start this simple and nutritious breakfast once you get up and while it is cooking you can prepare yourself for the day. Adding fresh apples will give you a nice

Carrot and Black Bean Soup

This fiber-rich soup is creamy with chunks of carrots and beans. Very satisfying! This comforting and nutritious soup is the perfect way to harness the earthy sweetness of carrots and

Cabbage Pasta Curry

With the lovely flavor of curry and a crunchy texture of the cabbage this meal will be a hit with the whole family. Prepare your taste buds for a culinary

Lima Bean Pea Corn Soup

This easy-to-make colorful soup will warm you up and satisfy your taste buds. This hearty soup is a celebration of vibrant vegetables, bursting with freshness and nourishment. From the creamy

Apple Cinnamon Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Quinoa is not just to use in a salad. Get your greens, grains and fruit all in one easy to make meal. This breakfast bowl is not only packed with

Smoky Sweet Potato Corn Chowder

Rain or shine…this flavorful chowder is a great comfort food that you can enjoy anytime. So easy to make. This hearty and wholesome chowder is a symphony of flavors, combining

Pumpkin Cocoa Smoothie

This flavorful smoothie will awaken your taste buds. Our Pumpkin Spice Green Smoothie is a unique fusion of flavors and nutrients that combines the creaminess of pumpkin puree, the sweetness

Pumpkin and Eggplant Bake

The taste of kabocha is a cross between a pumpkin and sweet potato. It is chock full of beta-carotene, fiber and vitamins A and C. The rind of the kabocha

Garlicky Zucchini and Sweet Potato

Top your sweet potato with this tasty zucchini sauté. This vibrant, plant-powered creation is not only a feast for the senses but also a wholesome addition to your diabetes-friendly repertoire.

Millet Tri-Color Bell Peppers Bowl

This rainbow colored salad bowl is a good source of fiber, iron, vitamins A and C, folate and potassium. This vibrant and wholesome dish is not only a feast for

Pea and Fava Bean Mint Toast

This easy to make recipe is filled with lots of protein. This nutritious and flavorful dish combines the earthy richness of russet or sweet potatoes with the garden-fresh goodness of

Grapefruit Arugula Beet Salad

This nutrient-rich and refreshing salad can be eaten any time of day. Adding beets to a fruit salad gives it a step up in flavor. This colorful medley of ingredients

Tuscan White Bean Kale Soup

This easy vegetable soup makes a warm comforting meal for those cool autumn days. This hearty and flavorful dish brings together an array of wholesome ingredients to create a satisfying