Diabetes Recipes: Low-Fat, Plant-Based, Whole-Food Nutrition

Recipes to Reverse Insulin Resistance

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Sweet Black Cherry and Chocolate Smoothie

Getting in your greens has never been so delicious! The combination of black cherries and chocolate makes this healthy smoothie a treat to drink. Smoothies are a fabulous occasional treat

Black Bean Corn and Couscous Salad

This salad can be made ahead of time and be ready when you are to enjoy a hearty and flavorful meal. Summer is the perfect time to make this salad

Breakfast Sunshine Fruit Bowl

Start your day by waking up your taste buds with this sweet and easy to prepare fruit bowl. Full of fiber and vitamins A, C, and K, it is a

Lentil Burger with Sweet Potato Sticks

This lentil burger delivers on taste as well as an abundance of nutritional value such as fiber and iron. Top it with sautéed onion, tomato, and cucumber slices and place

Piled High Veggie Potato Nachos

Potatoes are the base to this delicious veggie nacho dish. Pile on the vegetables, enjoy this tasty meal, and see why it will become a favorite of the whole family!Nachos

Thai Jackfruit with Rice

This simple recipe is full of flavor, satisfying green light foods, and nutritious vegetables. Marinating the jackfruit gives this dish a Thai flavor which goes well with cauliflower and brussels

Apple Raisin Oatmeal

There is nothing better than having a healthy and hearty breakfast ready to go in 10 minutes or less! This naturally sweet apple and raisin oatmeal dish will help get

Asian Grain Bowl

The combination of ingredients in this delightfully nutritious recipe gives you some of the best of all Asian cuisine. Adding seaweed and rice vinegar to the rice adds great texture

Potato Curry with Spinach

This is an easy-to-make vegetarian curry which is filling and satisfying. The spinach and potatoes make this meal a great source of fiber and chock full of antioxidants. Sweet chard,

Farro Salad

This easy salad recipe features a flavorful farro, which is filling and nutrient-dense. This recipe lends itself to include any vegetables you may have in your fridge or pantry. To

Vegetable Chipotle Chili with Quinoa

This easy vegetable chili recipe served with quinoa is great for dinner, but also makes for a filling lunch. Adding cacao powder to this dish can even make it extra

Apple Blueberry Oat Bake

This Apple Blueberry Oat Bake is a yummy twist on your normal breakfast oatmeal. This nutrient-rich, all-in-one dish is perfectly baked and a great healthy start to any day!Warm Up

Caulifornia Car-Bowl-Hydrate

Photo by: Heather Brock from @awakeneddiabeticwarrior. Caulifornia Car-Bowl-Hydrate Photo from Heather Brock from @awakeneddiabeticwarrior. 1 cup Cauliflower Rice1 cup Broccoli, steamed1/2 cup Black beans1/2 cup Zucchini, shredded1/2 cup Carrots, shredded1/2

Clementine‌ ‌Cranberry‌ ‌Oats‌

The flavour of clementine and cranberry together makes this breakfast dish a treat for your tastebuds.Tangy cranberries balanced by sweet, delicious fruits. This is the perfect winter breakfast.Clementines and cranberries

3 Bean Chili

This 3 bean chili is packed with fiber and iron and will knock your socks off with taste. You can always add more chili powder or green chilis if you

Stuffed Breakfast Potato Boat

This savory breakfast recipe provides a deliciously satisfying start to your day.Sometimes we want a sweet breakfast. Other times we’re craving something savory.This recipe is perfect for those mornings when

Apple Broccoli Wild Rice

Apple broccoli and cranberry mixed with wild rice makes a satisfyingly colorful and sweet dish.A slightly sweet, earthy, satisfying mix of seasonal fall ingredientsThis recipe is delicious and perfect for

Kale Potato Salad

A satisfying, high-protein dinner salad with bold flavors.This is not your traditional potato salad. It’s much, much better… and better for you!If you’ve ever enjoyed salt & vinegar potato chips,

Creamy Broccoli Soup

This creamy soup is easy to make and can be adjusted to your heat preference with more cayenne powder.Yes, you can make a creamy soup entirely from plant-based ingredients!The creaminess

Plant-Based Cookies

A delicious, diabetes-friendly, plant-based cookie recipe with only 5 ingredients!The holidays are upon us, and it’s always nice to have a healthy dessert option, so you can celebrate joyfully without

Bok Choy Wild Mushroom Soba Noodle Soup

A warm and tasty soup packed with delicious vegetables.This Bok Choy Wild Mushroom Soba Noodle Soup might be the most nutrient dense soup we’ve ever created!Bok choy is one of

Sweet Potato Bruschetta

Bruschetta on freshly baked sweet potato toasts…does life get any better?This might be the first recipe you’ve ever seen where instead of using bread to make bruschetta, we used potatoes!Types

Barley and Kale Bowl

Try a whole grain you haven’t had before in this nutrient dense and delicious bowl.Have you heard of barley before?Barley is a whole grain that is tasty, high in fiber

Mango Banana Spinach Breakfast Bowl

Start your day with this quick and easy deconstructed smoothie bowl.Both the flavor and the texture of mango and banana go together very well. Pair these two fruits with any

Chickpea Lemon Puree

This new savory dip idea has fresh lemon and parsley and is ready in just 25 minutes.Do you love dips and are interested in trying a dip recipe that has

Refreshing Apple and Berry Bowl

A quick and easy breakfast fruit bowl idea to make your morning routine easier.If you have yet to discover the fun world of food plating, this recipe is the perfect