Diabetes Recipes: Low-Fat, Plant-Based, Whole-Food Nutrition

Recipes to Reverse Insulin Resistance

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Gratitude Chia Seed Fruit BowlBy Jenny Gormley, BSFresh, hydrating fruit combined with crunchy greens makes for a breakfast you’ll feel grateful for.
Stuffed Breakfast PotatoBy Jenny Gormley, BSGet ready to dig into this delicious savory breakfast option. You will want to stuff potatoes every day after you try it!
Creamy Chia Seed PuddingBy Jenny Gormley, BSUse both white and black chia seeds to create this layered pudding. Adding bright colored fruit to different layers will provide a show stopping presentation.
Mushroom ChiliBy Jenny Gormley, BSThis hearty mushroom and corn chili will have you warmed up from your head to your toes! With smoky spices and sweet corn, this tomato chili covers all flavor bases making for an excellent potluck option.
Stuffed Delicata SquashBy Jenny Gormley, BSDelicata squash with its long and narrow shape and a hole in the center is perfect to fill with ingredients. Its skin is edible and adds a deliciously earthy flavor to this recipe.
Breakfast Power BowlBy Jenny Gormley, BSThere is no better way to start your day, than with a bowl of hydrating fruit + greens. This power bowl adds more greens into your diet in a fun and easy way.
Beet and Kidney Bean BurgerBy Jenny Gormley, BSThis easy-to-make burger has a large amount of fiber, protein, flavor, and color! Whether you serve it on a bun or on a lettuce wrap, it’s sure to be a show-stopper, and could easily become one of your favorite burgers to make.
Carrot Ginger SoupBy Jenny Gormley, BSThis easy to make one-pot soup is one of our favorites to prepare at any time of the year. The creaminess of the potato paired with the brightness of the citrus makes for a deliciously refreshing soup and can be served hot or cold.
Sushi Roll Car-Bowl-HydrateBy Kylie Buckner, RN, MSNWhen adopting a plant-based diet, it sometimes feels like you're "giving up" certain foods. For example- sushi often comes up. This is a flavor combination that you can easily transform so you can enjoy a plant-based version of your favorite sushi roll.
Mindful Car-Bowl-HydrateBy Kylie Buckner, RN, MSNAhhh Simplicity- Keeping it simple and delicious is one of the keys to adopting a low-fat, plant-based, whole-food diet. So in honor of simplicity, we are sharing what Robby eats for breakfast! Here’s one of his favorites that you can enjoy at home!
Curry Car-Bowl-HydrateBy Kylie Buckner, RN, MSNLooking for a warm and satisfying dinner on a cold day? Look no further!! This Curry bowl will warm you from the inside with the warm flavors of curry, cumin, and turmeric.