Diabetes Recipes: Low-Fat, Plant-Based, Whole-Food Nutrition

Recipes to Reverse Insulin Resistance

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Sweet Potato BruschettaBy Jenny Gormley, BSBruschetta on freshly baked sweet potato toasts…does life get any better?
Barley and Kale BowlBy Jenny Gormley, BSTry a whole grain you haven’t had before in this nutrient dense and delicious bowl.
Chickpea Lemon PureeBy Jenny Gormley, BSThis new savory dip idea has fresh lemon and parsley and is ready in just 25 minutes.
Roasted Red Pepper Potato BowlBy Jenny Gormley, BSSweet potatoes and bell peppers make for the perfect sweet and savory breakfast flavor combination.
Butternut Squash Mango Peach SmoothieBy Jenny Gormley, BSThe butternut squash in this smoothie gives it a sweet and nutty flavour. Adding some greens will complete your daily serving of Vitamin A & Vitamin K.
Easy Homemade Potato ChipsBy Jenny Gormley, BSLooking for a recipe to satisfy your crunchy chip cravings? Look no further, we’ve created the perfect recipe that is both oil-free and salt-free!
Butternut Buddha Bowl with Black BeansBy Jenny Gormley, BSThis quick and easy meal option packs a flavorful punch fit for any occasion. Running out of quick recipes to prep out for your busy week ahead? Look no further. This recipe is full of flavor and takes less than 30 minutes to make.
Apple Cinnamon Breakfast OatsBy Jenny Gormley, BSStart this simple and nutritious breakfast once you get up and while it is cooking you can prepare yourself for the day ahead.
Roasted Potato and Asparagus BowlBy Jenny Gormley, BSRoasted vegetables over a bed of greens makes for a fresh and hearty savory breakfast option. We’re convinced there isn’t a recipe out there that wouldn’t benefit from adding roasted potatoes to it...well, almost any recipe!