How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes While Eating a High-Carb Diet

Article written and reviewed by Tara Kemp
Published May 26, 2018

When Joaquin was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, he decided immediately that it was time to take his health seriously. Although he was determined to make changes, he never expected that he would lose 45 pounds and learn how to reverse type 2 diabetes completely.

But that’s exactly what happened.

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes = Reversing Insulin Resistance

Joaquin was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes on May 26, 2017. Shortly after his diagnosis, Joaquin began searching for credible information about how to manage type 2 diabetes, and soon learned that an even better question would be to ask how to reverse type 2 diabetes.

His initial research taught him that in order to do this, he would first need to reverse the root cause of type 2 diabetes: insulin resistance.

He attended local diabetes education classes, which left him frustrated when they didn’t talk at all about insulin resistance.

He then found a video by Cyrus Khambatta, PhD talking about reversing insulin resistance using low-fat, plant-based, whole-food nutrition. Joaquin learned how to reverse type 2 diabetes by eating more fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. That’s when things got exciting.

High-Carbohydrate Diets Are the Answer

Joaquin was excited to find out that he could eat some of his favorite foods in abundance, including fruit, potatoes, and his beloved childhood staple, rice and beans.

He learned that while refined carbohydrates like white sugar or white bread can promote insulin resistance (especially when paired with high fat ingredients, as in the case of cookies, doughnuts, and pastries), carbohydrates consumed in their whole, unprocessed form help to reverse it.

Seeking guidance on how to get started, Joaquin signed up for the July 2017 Mastering Diabetes Retreat in Idyllwild, CA.

He spent 4 days learning how to reverse type 2 diabetes in person with the Mastering Diabetes team, eating delicious healthy food, exercising, connecting with people, and experiencing improved blood glucose and more energy.

Putting It Into Practice

He returned home motivated to continue this new way of life. 

He immediately stocked up on rice, beans, oats, fresh fruits and vegetables, potatoes, corn, and other starchy root vegetables that he previously believed he could no longer eat.

Joaquin also started exercising regularly. At the retreat, he learned how easy it is to exercise without an expensive gym membership or special equipment. Using only his bodyweight, he began performing simple daily exercises to break a sweat and build strength.

Joaquin's Results

When he returned to his doctor’s office 3 months later, his physician was shocked. Joaquin had lost nearly 35 pounds, his blood pressure was lower, his nasal congestion had completely cleared up, and his fasting blood glucose was below 100.

Joaquin’s physician was so impressed with his results that she signed up for the Mastering Diabetes Online Summit so that she could learn how to reverse type 2 diabetes and share the nutrition information with other patients.

Take a look at the table below to get a full overview of how his biomarkers changed between May and September of 2017:


May 2017

September 2017




Total Cholesterol

157 mg/dL

110 mg/dL

LDL Cholesterol

86 mg/dL

57 mg/dL

HDL Cholesterol

54 mg/dL

35 mg/dL


286 lb

240 lb

Blood Pressure Medication

(daily dose)

25mg Hydrochlorothiazide


Today, Joaquin feels better than ever. He loves the food, he loves feeling healthy, and he loves how easy it is to maintain the results.

He’s happy that he has the energy to give his full attention to his 7 year old daughter. He is also grateful to feel confident in his health, no longer worried about whether he will be healthy enough to take part in each step of her childhood.

If anyone is considering whether or not to try this approach, he recommends going all-in and giving it at least one month. In just those first 30 days, you’ll feel a difference.

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About the author 

Tara Kemp

Tara Kemp is the Director of Nutrition Education at Mastering Diabetes. She has been active in the field of health and nutrition for many years, including working with Forks Over Knives, Engine 2, and Dr. Neal Barnard and the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Tara has a bachelor's degree in Education from Bucknell University, a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell, and is a Certified Food For Life Instructor through the Physicians Committee.