Oil-Free Hummus Recipe Roundup 


Although it may be the cliche plant-based potluck contribution, hummus is one of the most loved foods on the planet – for plant-based eaters and omnivores alike. Perfect for a dip, spread, potato topping or road trip snack, hummus is as versatile as it is delicious.

The problem, however, is that most store-bought hummus products are made with oil as an ingredient.

But never fear! We have gathered up a list of our favorite healthy homemade oil-free hummus recipes for you. They’re easy to make (and easy to eat) to make it easy to enjoy exploring the variety of different flavors!

The hummus you know and love, minus the extra fat, but plus some extra flavor. The chili powder in this recipe gives it a little kick, and the dijon mustard adds a unique twist too. 

bowl of humus

A simple recipe to help you create a healthy version of classic chickpea hummus.


This recipe makes you feel fancy and festive. It has a rich yet fresh taste, and is the perfect recipe to make for friends and family – everyone will love it!

bean dip 3 - SSV

Healthy, hearty, and filling. Black beans are one of the most nutritious beans around, and one of the most popular too! It wouldn't make sense to leave them out of the hummus fun!

Black bean dip in a bowl on a wood table

Are you a fan of that south-of-the-border flavor? If so, this is the hummus recipe for you! It combines the spicy Mexican taste to the creamy hummus texture you know and love – so now you will love it even more!

Spicy-Mexican-Hummus 7

The fresh basil in this recipe is really what takes it to the next level. You can never go wrong with fresh herbs, and the combination of fresh basil with the roasted bell peppers, lemon, and smoked paprika make this a definite win.

Roasted red pepper 8

So there you have it! A round-up of delicious, nutritious hummus recipes for you to spice up your life while saving your health! 

​Now the only question is... which one will you try first?!

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