12 Tasty Holiday Recipes

Article written and reviewed by Tara Kemp
Published December 15, 2017

​The holidays are just around the corner, meaning your schedule is packed with holiday gatherings and events.

Trying to eat healthy can feel extra difficult during this time of year, especially when you want to eat without losing the “festive” feel of the season. 

You have probably been wondering what to make for your family or bring to holiday parties this year. Well, spend no more of your precious time and mental energy trying to figure this out.

We decided to take the task of finding delicious and healthy holiday recipes off of your plate!

Behold: a dozen of the most colorful, flavorful, healthful holiday recipes for you to make and share with family and friends this year!

Eat these recipes, embrace the nourishment, and enjoy the holiday season without any food stress.

Main Dishes:

This dish is delicious served both warm or chilled. It is made with simple ingredients but is quite flavorful due to the fresh herbs. 

Butternut Squash Quinoa Salad cropped

This healthful and flavorful Shepherd’s Pie defies tradition by forgoing the usual ground or minced meat, and uses portobello mushrooms instead. 

Shepherd_s Pie

This cranberry relish requires no cooking, just a food processor for uniform chopping. The sweetness of the persimmons, apple, and tangerine balance the tartness of the raw cranberries.

Raw Cranberry Persimmon Relish

This flavorful loaf is perfect for the holidays, or anytime you want a hearty main dish. It can be made with fresh or dried herbs. Make two loaves while you’re at it and freeze one for leftovers. This is delicious topped with Creamy Mushroom Gravy (recipe below)!

Lentil _ Rice Loaf

This gravy is delicious over Mashed Potatoes and Lentil & Rice Loaf. It’s rich and flavorful even without the typical overly processed ingredients.

Creamy Mushroom Gravy

Impress your friends and family with this lovely recipe. It works great as main dish or side dish for a holiday meal.

Squash Stuffed with Lemon Herb Rice

Just 5 ingredients, with 5-star-worthy flavor.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Mushrooms

This simple salad, seasoned with a French vinaigrette, is a classic dish in France. Because the flavors continue to meld, it’s also great the next day.

lentil salad cropped

A classic roasted potato dish. Easy to throw together, and everyone will love it!

Rosemary Potato Bake


This delicious pie is similar to pumpkin pie but it is made with sweet potatoes (or yams) instead of pumpkin. The filling is sweetened with dates, thickened with a little oat flour, and the Pecan-Date Crust is just like a sweet, crumbly cookie!

Sweet Potato Pecan Pie

Good ol’ pumpkin pie! Serve this at any holiday table, and people will ask for more.

Pumpkin Pie

BREADLESS bread pudding?! Yes… it has been done. And it is delicious.

Apple Cinnamon Breadless Pudding

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About the author 

Tara Kemp

Tara Kemp is the Director of Nutrition Education at Mastering Diabetes. She has been active in the field of health and nutrition for many years, including working with Forks Over Knives, Engine 2, and Dr. Neal Barnard and the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Tara has a bachelor's degree in Education from Bucknell University, a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell, and is a Certified Food For Life Instructor through the Physicians Committee.