Understanding the Top 12 Antioxidant Foods on the Planet...
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Learn the secrets behind the most powerful antioxidant-rich foods in the world

Top 99 Antioxidant Dictionary

Chances are you've never heard of the #1 most powerful antioxidant-rich fruit in the world. In this FREE guide, you'll discover exactly what it is and how to get your hands on it.

Below is a list of the top 12 most powerful antioxidant rich foods on the planet, and their actual lab-tested  antioxidant (ORAC) scores.

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    Revealed: the most powerful antioxidant-rich foods on the planet can be difficult to get your hands on. Learn why.
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    Get evidence-based information about the world's most powerful superfoods, so that you know what to eat for optimal health.
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    Discover the most comprehensive list of 99 of the world's most antioxidant-rich foods, and the benefits of incorporating each into your diet.

Here is a Snapshot of What You'll Learn in this FREE Guide


Superfood #1: Amla 

(Indian Gooseberries)

ORAC Score: 261,500

Though amla is the most powerful antioxidant fruit in the world, it has only recently become a trending superfood. The massive surge in popularity was spurred by the flood of data over the past 5 years showing its potency at supporting healthy blood glucose, cholesterol, and helping feel younger for longer.

Though the health benefits are very attractive, amla tastes TERRIBLE. Amla tastes very bitter – like vinegar mixed with dish soap. The only amla product we've personally used that and tastes good without added sugar is Amla GreenAmla Green uses a specific kind of oolong dark green tea that counters amla’s natural sour tasting compounds and brings out the fruit's hidden sweetness.


Superfood #2: Acai Berries

ORAC Score: 102,700

Acai is native to the rainforests of South America, and can be more than 40% of the nutritional intake of some tribes. It gained popularity as a superfood due to its high concentration of antioxidants. 


Superfood #3: Moringa Olifera

ORAC Score: 11,900

Moringa is a fruit tree native to Southern India. Though people eat the fruits, most of the antioxidant value is in the leaves and roots.


Superfood #4: Hibiscus

ORAC Score: 6,990

Hibiscus, often brewed in a tea in Latin America, can be sour to the taste, and is a potent source of antioxidants.


Superfood #5: Maca

ORAC Score: 6,100

Maca is found in Peru and was historically used for sexual potency. The antioxidant power of maca is on par with the average, garden variety plum.


Superfood #6: Spirulina

ORAC Score: 5,970

Spirulina is a form of cyanobacterium, a kind of photosynthetic bacteria. It It is rich in iron and protein, but the disease fighting benefits have not been extensively studied.


Superfood #7: Blackberries

ORAC Score: 5,905

Blackberries are a great source of anthocyanins, tannins, ellagic acid, ellagitannins, gallic acid, quercetin and cyanidins.


Superfood #8: Raspberries

ORAC Score: 5,065

Red raspberries are excellent sources of antioxidants, though the black variety is even more potent.


Superfood #9: Blueberries

ORAC Score: 4,669

If possible, opt for wild blueberries as the antioxidant content of wild blueberries is nearly 2x that of farmed blueberries.

Red Wine

Superfood #10: Red Wine

ORAC Score: 4,523

A glass of red wine a day is recommended to improve cardiovascular health becomes it comes packed with antioxidants and tannins.


Superfood #10: Pomegranate

ORAC Score: 4,479

Most of the pomegranate's antioxidant power actually resides in the yellow pith around the fruit rather than the fruit itself.


Superfood #10: Goji Berries

ORAC Score: 4,310

Goji berries are known to increase energy levels and mental acuity, and as a result they are a highly prized antioxidant-rich food.

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