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Our online course is your one-stop resource for learning what to eat, how to grocery shop, how to move your body, how to manage your blood glucose before, during, and after exercise, and much more.


Complete with easy-to-understand scientific explanations, videos, and PDF handouts, this online course teaches you everything you need to know to gain full control of your blood glucose, body weight, and energy levels.

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Live Videoconferences

"Three months ago my A1C was at a 7.2 and now that I have been using this approach it has dropped to a 5.9!"

Spence McCurry

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

Current A1c = 5.9%

“I’ve been following the Mastering Diabetes program for 7 months. My A1C went from 6.3% to 5.7%. I feel healthier and stronger than ever.”

Kim Bryant

Type 1.5 Diabetes

Current A1c=5.7%

"Two months ago I had blood sugars in the 500s. I was using 80 units of Toujeo and 50 units of Humalog insulin in addition to Metformin and Bydureon. In the past two months I have followed the Mastering Diabetes dietary program without adding exercise. For the last two weeks I have been able to stop using all of the insulin and my 14 day average blood sugar is 125. Take that insulin resistance! Hello insulin sensitivity."

Marion Higby Gray

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

"Mastering Diabetes has taught me the power of eating a whole foods plant based diet through coaching me on everything from certain foods to avoid for optimal glucose numbers to a sample breakfast that is well balanced. The effect that changing my lifestyle has had on my blood glucose levels, has caused a decrease in my insulin usage by 50%! I am forever grateful to this dedicated and inspirational company."

Danae Johnson

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

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14 Days of Small Group Coaching ($125 Value)

MD Small Group Coaching

Receive 2 small group videoconference calls with Mastering Diabetes coaches Kylie Buckner, RN, MSN and Adam Sud. Jumpstart your transition to a plant-based diet and get the personal attention you need!

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The 2017 Mastering Diabetes Online Summit ($97 Value)

Mastering Diabetes Online Summit

Learn how to reverse insulin resistance using your food as medicine, from world's experts in low-fat, plant-based, whole-food nutrition. Enjoy more than 25 hours of video and audio interviews from the 2017 summit...yours FREE

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The 2018 Mastering Diabetes Online Summit ($197 Value)


Learn how to lose weight, gain energy, and maximize your insulin sensitivity using low-fat, plant-based, whole-food nutrition. Enjoy more than 35 hours of video and audio interviews from the 2018 online summit...yours FREE


In order to receive $419 in FREE bonuses, you must join the annual membership at $249 per year

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Enjoy the 2017 and 2018 Mastering Diabetes Online Summits

$294 FREE

You'll receive more than 25 hours of video (mp4) and audio (mp3) interviews with the world's experts in plant-based nutrition, including Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. Garth Davis, Brenda Davis, Rip Esselstyn, Dr. Ron Weiss, Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Michelle McMacken and many more...

Mastering Diabetes Online Summit

Meet Your World Expert Speakers


Neal Barnard, MD

How Cheese and Low-Carbohydrate Diets Cause Diabetes and Chronic Disease


David Katz, MD

The Evidence-Based Truth About Sugar,  Whole Carbohydrates and Insulin Resistance


Garth Davis, MD

The Fallacies of High-Fat, High-Protein, and Ketogenic Diets

Cyrus Khambatta, PhD

Why Insulin Resistance Underlies All Forms of Diabetes – and What You Can Do About It


Michelle McMacken, MD

The True Dietary Causes of Insulin Resistance in Type 2 Diabetes


Michael Greger, MD

The Dangers of Eggs and Milk, and the Importance of Fruit for People with Diabetes


Dean Ornish, MD

How Minimizing Animal Foods Reverses Chronic Disease and Slows the Rate of Aging


Joel Kahn, MD

Why Minimizing Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Reverses Insulin Resistance and Diabetes


Rosane Oliveira, PhD

The Truth About Diabetes and Metabolic Dysfunction: Your Genes are NOT to Blame


Matt Lederman, MD

Creating Sustainability on a Plant-Based Diet by Understanding Calorie Density


Joel Fuhrman, MD

The Power of the Nutritarian Diet for Reversing Diabetes For the Rest of Your Life


Robert Ostfeld, MD

How to Reverse Coronary Artery Disease and Diabetes Simultaneously


Hans Diehl, DrHSc

The Cause and Cure of Type 2 Diabetes – The Power is on Your Plate


John McDougall, MD

Pharmaceutical Medication vs. a Plant-Based Diet – Which is More Effective?


Ray Cronise

The Exact Formula to Reverse Insulin Resistance in Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes


Brenda Davis, RD

How Low-Carbohydrate Diets Cause Lipotoxicity, Oxidative Stress, and Dysbiosis


Ronald Weiss, MD

Understanding Why Your Microbiome Determines Your Metabolic Health 


Rick Dina, MD

Understanding the Truth About Essential Fatty Acids on a Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet


Valter Longo, PhD

How the Fasting Mimicking Diet Reprograms Your Immune System


Robby Barbaro

Understanding the Differences Between Various Plant-Based Diets


Alan Goldhamer, MD

​How to Escape the Pleasure Trap Using Intermittent Fasting and Plant-Based Nutrition


Susan Peirce Thompson, PhD

How to Achieve Permanent Weight Loss by Overcoming Food Addiction


Adam Sud

A Straightforward and Practical Way to Overcome Food Addiction For the Rest of Your Lifes




How to Unleash Your Inner Diabetes Dominator and Transform Your Mental Health


Marc Ramirez

The Unbelievable Power of Full Commitment to Whole-Food, Plant-Based Nutrition


Laurie Marbas, MD

How to Communicate with Your Doctor for Ultimate Long-Term Success


Dustyn Williams, MD

This is Exactly How Your Western Medicine Doctor is Trained to Think


Kylie Buckner, RN

How to Ask for Support from Your Medical Team, Friends, and Family


Steve Lawenda, MD

Integrating Plant-Based Nutrition in the Traditional Healthcare Setting


Susan Levin, RD

Gestational Diabetes, Pregnancy, and Breastfeeding on a Plant-Based Diet


Julieanna Hever, RD

The Fallacies of the Mediterranean Diet and the Benefit of the Vegeterranean Diet


Chef AJ

Pro Tips to Greatly Simplify Low-Fat, Plant-Based, Whole-Food Preparation


Rip Esselstyn

 The Masculine Side of Low-Fat, Plant-Based, Whole-Food Nutrition


Andrew Taylor

How Andrew Lost 121 Pounds Eating Nothing BUt Potatoes for 365 Days


Eric Adams

How the Brooklyn Borough President’s Diabetes Reversal is Affecting Millions of New Yorkers

Enjoy 14 Days of Small Group Coaching

Our Team of Experienced and Dedicated Coaches Are Here to Support You 100%

$125 FREE

Cyrus Khambatta, PhD

Type 1 Diabetes


Mastering Diabetes


Robby Barbaro

Type 1 Diabetes


Mastering Diabetes


Kylie Buckner, RN, MSN

Director of Lifestyle Change and Coach Specializing in Mindful Transitions


Adam Sud

Reversed Type 2 Diabetes

Coach, Specializing in Overcoming Food Addiction


Marc Ramirez

Reversed Type 2 Diabetes

Coach and Food For Life Instructor

"I have only FABULOUS things to say about this program. I developed gestational diabetes in my 20’s. I lived on animal protein and nuts and tried to keep my carb intake to 20 or less a day. I ate ZERO FRUIT or carb rich vegetables for almost 17 years. And despite my impeccable restraint, my health declined—my mental capabilities deteriorated, my weight kept creeping up in spite of regular exercise, I developed more and more food sensitivities, my sugar levels became increasingly volatile, and I was extremely tired. Now I eat all the whole fruits and veggies I want and I have lost weight, am more energetic than I’ve been since I was a kid, have greater mental clarity, take LESS insulin than when I was limiting myself on carbs, have increased sugar level stability AND I AM EATING NUTRIENTS! What a sensational idea! So excited about that and the healing it will continue to bring."

Rebecca Burnett

Type 1 Diabetes

"I just got back from my Doctor appointment at and it was amazing! They went through all my blood work and said I’m in the very low percent of people who needs insulin and I am more type one than type two. He wants me to start on insulin immediately and stop all meds that are likely doing more harm than good (his words). He gave me Tresiba and then will see about a short acting injecting if needed. They measure my level of fruit and veggie intake and by following the Mastering Diabetes program I produced one of the highest scores he has ever seen! I’m so happy you pushed me on this Cyrus and Robby! I feel so relieved! Thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts. It means the world to me!"

Anna Cohen

Type 1.5 Diabetes

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*The bonus package will only be awarded to new memberships, and will not be applied to existing members

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