The Foolproof Way to Get Your Best A1c in 2019 (and Never Fail)

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The Foolproof Way to Guarantee Your Best A1c in 2019 (and Never Fall off the Wagon)

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See What Our Members are Saying...


Patricia W.

Patricia lost 50 pounds living with type 1.5 diabetes


Mike M.

Mike lives with COPD and lost 33 pounds in 3 months


Anna C.

Anna eliminated oral medication living with type 1.5 diabetes


Joaquin B.

Joaquin reversed type 2 diabetes and lost 45 pounds


Heather B.

Heather has boundless energy and increased strength


Rebecca B.

Rebecca's cholesterol plummeted along with her A1c


John H.

John dropped his fasting glucose to below 100 in only 3 days


David W.

David reversed neuropathy, lost 20 pounds and dropped his A1c


Tina R.

Tina dropped her A1c from 10.6% to 5.4% in 90 days

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Transform Your Diabetes Health Starting Today

When you join the coaching program, you'll receive:


Custom Designed Online Course Based on 85 Years of Scientific Research


Private Community For Daily Support and Guidance from Coaches and Members

Live Videoconferences

Twice Monthly LIVE Q&A Videoconferences

Meet Your Coaches

Cyrus Khambatta, PhD

Cofounder, Living with Type 1 Diabetes

Cyrus Khambatta, PhD is an internationally recognized nutrition and fitness coach who specializes in type 1 and type 2 diabetes and has helped many clients reduce their insulin usage by 25-60%. Cyrus has been living with type 1 diabetes since 2002 and has reduced his insulin usage by more than 40% using this evidence-based approach to nutrition and fitness. Cyrus leads interactive lectures, to help you understand why a low-fat, plant-based, whole-food lifestyle is the gold-standard approach for eliminating insulin resistance, the underlying cause of all blood sugar fluctuation in type 1 and type 2 diabetes.


Ro​bby Barbaro

Cofounder, Living with Type 1 Diabetes

Robby Barbaro has been living with type 1 diabetes since 2002. Four years later, he began eating pounds of fruit daily and experiencing ease and precision in his blood glucose management. His mission is to raise awareness about the benefits of low-fat, plant-based, whole-food nutrition for all people with diabetes. Robby will share valuable information on living this lifestyle in the real world, providing expert tips on food shopping, food storage, handling complex social situations, and communicating with your doctor.

Kylie Buckner

Kylie Buckner, RN, MSN

Director of Lifestyle Change

Kylie Buckner is a registered nurse and has a master’s degree in nursing education. She has more than 18 years of experience as a nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit, in labor and delivery, in OB-GYN, and in pediatrics.She has dedicated her life to caring for people as a nurse and has an in-depth understanding of the challenges of adopting a plant-based lifestyle. She is also a certified yoga teacher and has been 100% plant-based for over 6 years.


Adam Sud

Diabetes Coach, Reversed Type 2 Diabetes

A little over 5 years ago Adam weighed 320 pounds, developed type 2 diabetes, was a drug addict, a fast food addict, and suffering from severe depression. Adam implemented a whole-food plant-based lifestyle, and overcame food addiction, drug addiction, and type 2 diabetes. Within 6 months Adam had reversed type 2 diabetes, lost 170 pounds, and has been sober for a little over 5 years. Adam is now a plant-based health coach who with Mastering Diabetes, and is a speaker for the Engine 2 Total Health Immersion Programs and Plant-Strong events.


Marc Ramirez

Diabetes Coach and Summit Host, Spanish Program, Reversed Type 2 Diabetes

Marc Ramirez is a former University of Michigan Football player who reversed type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, psoriasis, and frequent heartburn. He also lost 50 pounds in 3 months, and in that same time period he eliminated 5 medications that he had been taking for 10 years – using his food as medicine. He is certified through the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) as a Food For Life Instructor and conducts classes and 21-Day Kickstarts to help people improve their health. He also appears in the new documentary Eating You Alive.

See What Others Are Saying...

"I have only FABULOUS things to say about this program. I developed gestational diabetes in my 20’s. I lived on animal protein and nuts and tried to keep my carb intake to 20 or less a day. I ate ZERO FRUIT or carb rich vegetables for almost 17 years. And despite my impeccable restraint, my health declined—my mental capabilities deteriorated, my weight kept creeping up in spite of regular exercise, I developed more and more food sensitivities, my sugar levels became increasingly volatile, and I was extremely tired. Now I eat all the whole fruits and veggies I want and I have lost weight, am more energetic than I’ve been since I was a kid, have greater mental clarity, take LESS insulin than when I was limiting myself on carbs, have increased sugar level stability AND I AM EATING NUTRIENTS! What a sensational idea! So excited about that and the healing it will continue to bring."

Rebecca B.

Type 1 Diabetes

A1c: 6.1%

"Two months ago I had blood sugars in the 500s. I was using 80 units of Toujeo and 50 units of Humalog insulin in addition to Metformin and Bydureon. In the past two months I have followed the Mastering Diabetes dietary program without adding exercise. For the last two weeks I have been able to stop using all of the insulin and my 14 day average blood sugar is 125. Also, my A1c went from 13.8 to 8.4 in two months. Take that insulin resistance! Hello insulin sensitivity."

fruit at retreat

Marion G.

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

A1c: 8.4%

"My husband has been following this program for 3 months now and we are VERY pleased with his numbers. His A1C has dropped from 7.3 down to 5.9, cholesterol 198 down to 147, triglycerides 228 down to 165, LDL 121 down to 88, VLDL 46 down to 33. Also, his HDL numbers are still low at a 31 down to 26 (we'll be working on that.) We still have work to do, but I know his doctor will be quite happy with his progress. Keep it up everyone! It takes time, but if you follow the program it DOES work!"

Antioxidant Acai Bowl

Aimee B.

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

A1c: 5.9%

"On Friday my fasting blood glucose was 94, Saturday it was a 91, Sunday 93. I was on Metformin and my blood sugar was about 200. Now no meds for me, just fruits and veggies!"

cauliflower salad

Stefanie S.

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

A1c: 5.2%

“This is the best information out there about diabetes. I really wish the medical community would promote this program or at least suggest it instead of just prescribing drugs.”


Sandra H.

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

A1c: 5.9%

"I have gone from around 150g carbs per day to 500g of carbs per day. My insulin ratio has changed from a 9:1 to between 25:1 and 30:1 depending on the day. My basal rate has dropped from 16 units to 9-12 units a day. I have also lost about 20 pounds."

Lindsay G.

Type 1 Diabetes

A1c: 7.0%

"I wanted to share a big win on the A1C front. Since October of 2017 I have dropped my A1C from a 9.5% to a 6.8%! I haven’t seen a number in the 6 range in the 18 years I have been a Type 1 diabetic. I have never seen a doctor smile so much."

Emily F.

Type 1 Diabetes

A1c: 6.8%

"Mastering Diabetes has taught me the power of eating a whole foods plant based diet through coaching me on everything from certain foods to avoid for optimal glucose numbers to a sample breakfast that is well balanced. The effect that changing my lifestyle has had on my blood glucose levels, has caused a decrease in my insulin usage by 50%! I am forever grateful to this dedicated and inspirational company."


Danae J.

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

A1c: 6.2%

"I have lost 38 pounds, feel better than I have in 20 years, I have started exercising again. My blood work improved all across the board, so all of those red numbers have moved to green at the end of six months. My A1c started at 7.1 and is now at a 5.6."



Type 1.5 Diabetes

A1c: 5.7%

"I started this program 8 months ago and I have reduced my daily insulin use from 200 units to 50 units and I am on my way to reducing it more. I have also lost 11lbs. My cholesterol has dropped from 214 to 153, my triglyceride level is also at 153. I tell everyone about this program because of the amazing results I have seen! Thank you to the Mastering Diabetes team for all the support!"

Billie W.

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

A1c: 7.3%

"In case you are keeping score towards 1 million insulin resistant "cures" you can add my name. A good while back, Cyrus responded to me in an email...and long story short convinced me to NOT go Keto. Went WFPB with no added sugar, oil, or salt. Cured my T2D (FBS now in 80's) with the bonus of dropping cholesterol in half and clearing up longstanding chronic gut inflammation. Also lost 50 pounds. Getting the word out is tough even with my success. Hopefully the truth will win out."

Larry S.

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

A1c: 4.5%

"My blood sugar this morning was 112. This is the first time since I was diagnosed diabetic that my blood sugar has been this low. I wanted to give up but I keep on “persevering”. Today I am very happy! I am usually consistently high in the 200s no matter what I do. I constantly preach perseverance, yet I was struggling and wanted to give up and decided to practice what I preach! IT PAYS OFF!"

fruit at retreat

Jason E.

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

A1c: 6.3%

"In addition to being able to fully race the entire event without an issue with my diabetes. I also had a 3rd place finish with a time of 1:54, almost 15 minutes faster than my previous best time. Things to change for my next event would be: 1) decrease my post-race basal by 30% for 12 hours and 20 decrease my post race boluses by 30% for 12 hours as I still tend to run low about 2 hours after meals. Now, for you number freaks out there here’s the data so far today: Carbs: 937g, Fat: 22 grams, Protein: 128g. Basal 2.5u. Bolus: 10u. Insulin sensitivity score 69:1. Thank you Cyrus and to all of you for your support along this journey."

Dave G.

Type 1 Diabetes

"I have been diabetic for 40 years. Since changing my diet I've lost 20 pounds without effort, I've reduced my insulin intake by more than 20 units and I am able to think quicker and communicate easier. My neuropathy and eye pain have improved dramatically. My A1c has gone from a 7 to a 5.8 in just a few months. I'm 65 and my doctor said I am the healthiest diabetic she has ever seen. I see a new life and new hope."

David W.

Type 1 Diabetes

A1c: 5.8%

We Hope to See You on the Inside!

Cyrus Khambatta, PhD

Robby Barbaro

We sincerely hope that you will join us in transforming your health from the inside out using your food as medicine. You have all the information you need to succeed, and we hope to see you on the inside!

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